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Carolina Ground L3C is a milling facility, located in Asheville, North Carolina, devoted to grains grown in the SOUTH. Centered upon the growing consumer demand for locally-grown and produced food, Carolina Ground, L3C presents a locally-grown and ground bread flour, pastry flour, and rye flour, with the goal of closing the gap between the farmer and baker, so that we may all enjoy a distinctly local flavor.

our mill

Our 48”stone-burr gristmill, built by Osttiroler, (a small family-owned business in Austria) utilizes the ancient technology of stone whereby the germ is crushed into the endosperm, spreading its oils and imparting both flavor and nutrients into the end product. Our mill maintains an extremely slow rotation via a process  known as "COLD STONE MILLING." This preserves the nutrients and integrity of the resulting flour. A bolter is used to sift the bran from the endosperm flour, enabling us to produce both whole grain and various grades of sifted flour. Most modern mills employ roller mill technology, which strips away and separates out the bran from the germ and endosperm. Although roller mills produce flour with greater efficiency and indefinite shelf life, we believe the resulting product lacks the vitality, flavor, punch of freshly cold stone ground flour.

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